new to yoga?


You have to start somewhere, because if you don’t start, you’ll be nowhere – Gurmukh, Yoga Master

We love our beginner students! We know how amazing yoga is and we are delighted that you want to start. We want you to feel welcome and supported as you embark on your journey.

Our classes are designed to cater for everyone from the beginner right through to the experienced. At Hot Yoga Life we have a lot of beginners attend our classes which we love. We do recommend you start with a Warm class or a Yin class, however you are welcome to attend any of the classes on the timetable. In any of the classes we encourage all yoga students to sit down or lay down at any time during the class if they need the rest.


We are located on level four of the Adelaide Meridian Hotel. Take the lift from the lobby to level three, then the stairs up to level 4. There are signs to direct you. Please note that toilets are located in the lobby on the ground floor. There are change rooms in the studio but no showers.

The studio opens twenty minutes before the start of class. You are welcome to come in early and settle in for a little extra you-time.

What to bring:

• Yoga mat or hire one from us for $2
• Towel (to put on top of your mat) for hot classes
• Small face towel for hot classes
• Water
• Wear comfortable workout gear you can stretch in

We recommend that you register for your classes online to guarantee a space.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the teacher of your class and she or he will check you in. Arrive approximately 15 minutes before class starts. If possible, avoid eating a minimum of one hour before class.

Remove your shoes and place them in the shoe racks just outside reception. You may bring your bag in with you and place it on the shelf upon entering the yoga room. The change room is located at the back in the yoga room.

Find a place for your mat in the room. Unroll and align the front edge of the mat with the tape on the floor. You might be asked to move your mat to allow room for others. Sit or lay quietly in the yoga room an wait for the class to begin – please respect other students and keep talking to a minimum.

During class:
Listen to your body. Take small sips of water and rest when you need.
We ask that you do not leave the yoga room during class. If you feel dizzy, sick or nauseous please rest on your mat in Savasana or a resting posture of choice.

Breathe in and out through the nose if you can – this prevents you from getting too thirsty. Follow your teacher’s instructions to ease into and out of postures safely.

After class:
Rehydrate your body drinking plenty of water and electrolytes.
Refuel with nutritious foods.
Keep yourself warm if it’s cold outside to prevent injuries from happening after class.

Important notes:

If you suffer from injury or illness, we ask you please consult a doctor before attending a class at HYL, especially if you experience heart problems or excessive high/low blood pressure.

Do you have any questions about starting yoga classes? Get in touch and we will answer any questions you may have.